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Facts About Us

  • The Giving Tree Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.
  • Our Foundation and Donations for Education Program was founded in August of 2013. It is a women-owned business started by four local moms with various business backgrounds.
  • We are run by our four founding board members, two staff members and volunteers.
  • We support Wake Forest (in 27587 zip) K-12 schools – public, private and charter.

Wake Forest Elementary, Middle and High

Jones Dairy Elementary

Franklin Academy

Richland Creek Elementary

Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic School

Heritage Elementary, Middle and High

Endeavor Charter

Envision Science Academy

Thales Academy

Wake Forest Charter Academy

  • The community participate to earn credit for their school of choice by donating, volunteering and shopping. At the end of the year these credits are totaled for each school. Our annual proceeds are then divided and donated back to each school based on their total credits.
  • We have donated over $23,000 back to our local schools in less than 3 years and are on track to donate another $10,000 this year!
  • Our retail store is located at 839 South Main Street in Wake Forest. We are open Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm and 10am-5pm on Saturdays.
  • Our specialty and differentiator is showcasing gently used home décor items in a non-traditional thrift shop boutique.
  • We are proud to provide positive social impact through our volunteer opportunities for the local community. We focus on giving local high school students opportunities to learn the value of community service and to develop leadership skills through volunteering with The Giving Tree.
  • We provide a business model that encourages our community to be good stewards of the environment by diverting useable items to our store.


  • Do you negotiate pricing? No, we try our best to ensure our prices are very reasonable upon initial pricing. We do have daily sales that provide discounts on most of our store items on a regular basis. Please ask a sales representative for a copy of our monthly sales calendar or review it on our website: givingtreefoundation.org.
  • Do you accept clothing? No, we do not accept clothing right now. We have tried that previously and found that our current retail space does not provide enough room for us to display the clothing. We are always on the lookout for additional retail space and/or a possible donation warehouse that would allow us to expand our selection and possibly provide clothing!
  • Do you take items on consignment? Currently we have a small selection of consignment items. This includes mainly furniture pieces that we can use as display areas in addition to sales items. We also have a small selection of handmade craft items (such as picture frames, soaps and potpourri) made by our sales staff. If you have consignment furniture items you are interested in selling through our store, please provide your contact information to a sales associate and we will call you to setup an appointment to discuss.
  • Do you pickup donation items? Yes, we do offer pickup services for larger furniture items in GOOD CONDITION with advance notice. If you have a furniture item you would like picked up, please contact a sales associate at 919-453-5597 and we can setup a pickup date and time. Please note that appointments for our pickup services are scheduled approximately one to two weeks from the time of the original call.
  • Can anyone come and volunteer? We love to have volunteers come and help us at the store! We ask that volunteers be at least 16 years of age. Younger volunteers are accepted as well if they are accompanied by a parent. Generally, we ask that volunteers are able to commit to volunteering for a minimum of two hours a week for at least one month. This allows us to provide training for our volunteers and have consistency in scheduling for at least a month at a time. We are flexible with the volunteer hours that are available.
  • Also, we regularly have one-time volunteer opportunities that are available for events held at the store. These opportunities are posted on our Facebook page as they come up. To make sure you see these opportunities, “LIKE” our Facebook page at The Giving Tree Foundation Wake Forest. If you, a friend or a family member is interested in volunteering, please ask a sales associate for our volunteer application. We ask that this be completed and returned to the store. We will then review the application and setup an appointment to discuss current opportunities.
  • How do you determine how much money each school gets at the end of the year? We utilize a credit system to determine our annual school donation payouts.
    • Each time a someone makes a PURCHASE, makes a DONATION or VOLUNTEERS with us, they get 1 credit towards the participating school of their choice.
    • At the end of the year we add up all these credits for each school. This then gives us a total participation credit for each school for the year.
    • We then divide our profits for the year based on the number of credits each school has earned. This allows the school that participate more in our program to earn more money each year.